Permanent Home Odor Eliminator

Home Odor Eliminator – Treatment Kit

A fresh home means a healthy, comfortable and livable space that keeps everyone happy. Bad smells caused by molds, pets, foods, cigarette smoke can not only have adverse effects on your health but can also significantly affect your lifestyle. Closure Clean is a permanent home odor eliminator kit that rids of all unwanted smells leaving behind a clean smelling home without the hazards of harmful chemical products and artificial fragrances.

The chlorine dioxide gas product works through a deodorizing delivery system providing a deep-penetrating vapor that eliminates the chemicals and pollutants at the source of the odor. This active technology takes advantage of biochemical pathways to destroy odors caused by bacteria, mold and mildew at the source instead of covering it up. Therefore, it does not work as a masking fragrance that only covers a smell with another stronger smell but rather, it’s a highly effective home odor eliminator combining advanced technology with a unique mode of action. It eliminates unpleasant home odors making them undetectable to our sense of smell. This way, homeowners can safely remove even the toughest of odors from their home environments for a more comfortable and fulfilling living.

Versatile, Easy Application and Safe
Our Closure Clean kit has multi-purpose applications in home odor elimination. It works well to remove odors in the following areas:

  • Pet urine odors
  • Skunk odor from furniture
  • Odors from carpets and rugs
  • Odors from floors
  • Cigarette smoke odors
  • Odors from bathrooms
  • Odors from garages and basement
  • Odors from clothing, drapes and curtains and more.

Whenever you buy a Closure Clean kit, you not only benefit from home odor eliminator but also ease of application and environmental friendliness. The use of this product involves a 4 easy step process that allows you to deal with home odors in quickly without all the hassle. Knowing the source of the odor is important as the treatment is more effective if placed near the location with stinky smells. So, whenever you are faced with an odor problem, you no longer have to worry about choosing a potentially harmful product from the local grocery store as Closure Clean performs the necessary task in a safe and more affordable manner. You will rest easy knowing that your loved ones and pets are not exposed to any toxic chemicals.

With Closure Clean, homeowners can manage almost any odor problem efficiently and thoroughly. Make your order today and experience the best value of an effective home odor eliminator product.

product Features

Vapor action does the work!

Home Odor Eliminator
Home Odor Eliminator
Home Odor Eliminator
Home Odor Eliminator
Home Odor Eliminator
Can be used anywhere
  • Home Odor Eliminator
  • Home Odor Eliminator
  • Home Odor Eliminator
  • Home Odor Eliminator
  • Odor Eliminator For Homes
how to use
Odor Eliminator For Homes
Remove all contents from plastic clamshell. Do not discard clamshell.
Odor Eliminator For Homes
Open foil packet, remove inner white pouch and gently shake. Do not cut or open the white pouch.
Home Odor Eliminator
Wet the sponge with lukewarm water, insert the indented end of white pouch firmly into the sponge and place it into clamshell. Snap the clamshell securely closed.
Home Odor Eliminator
Place the clamshell with holes facing up and unobstructed on a flat surface in the center of the area to be treated.
What others are saying
Unbelievable!! I am a realtor and I have a listing that would not sell because of smoking in the house. Closure Clean completely eliminated the smell of smoke and their home sold! I will recommend Closure to everyone!
Pam Raines
This product is amazing! I have two young boys who are not always as neat as they should be in the bathroom. I tried scrubbing around the toilet with everything I could think of but still had a urine smell in the bathroom. I used Closure Clean and within a couple of hours the smell was gone! It's really easy too. No mess and no scrubbing! I'm definitely going to try this again the next time I have a bad odor.
Greatest product i’ve ever used. Will definitely buy again!
Kelly Myers
I would just like to make a comment about your product. Over a year ago I left a garbage can full of grass clippings in my Chevy Tahoe. I got distracted and forgot about them for a few days. The wet clippings leaked from the can, and in turn left a foul stench in my truck. I tried for a year on and off to get rid of the odor. I tried your product and low and behold the stench has been gone since I used it over a month ago…. Thank you for offering product that works … Sincerely
Bob Dollinger